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BluetoothSignalStrengthFilter.SamplingInterval Property


The interval at which received signal strength indicator (RSSI) events are sampled.

 property IReference<TimeSpan> ^ SamplingInterval { IReference<TimeSpan> ^ get(); void set(IReference<TimeSpan> ^ value); };
IReference<TimeSpan> SamplingInterval();

void SamplingInterval(IReference<TimeSpan> value);
public System.Nullable<System.TimeSpan> SamplingInterval { get; set; }
var iReference = bluetoothSignalStrengthFilter.samplingInterval;
bluetoothSignalStrengthFilter.samplingInterval = iReference;
Public Property SamplingInterval As Nullable(Of TimeSpan)

Property Value

The interval at which RSSI events are sampled.

Windows requirements

App capabilities


The valid range for this property is equal or greater than zero.

If the SamplingInterval is zero, every received RSSI event that satisfies the conditions configured through the other BluetoothSignalStrengthFilter properties will be propagated. If the sampling interval is greater than or equal to a maximum limit value (currently 25.5 seconds), sampling will be disabled and RSSI events will only be propagated on a triggered basis when they transition between in range and out of range. Otherwise, an aggregated RSSI value (average in most cases) of the RSSI events received within SamplingInterval will be propagated. If no RSSI events have been received within SamplingInterval, no RSSI events are propagated.

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