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DeviceInformation.Id Property


A string representing the identity of the device.

 property Platform::String ^ Id { Platform::String ^ get(); };
winrt::hstring Id();
public string Id { get; }
var string =;
Public ReadOnly Property Id As String

Property Value




A string representing the identity of the device.


This ID can be used to activate device functionality using the CreateFromIdAsync methods on classes that implement device functionality.

By default, calling DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync returns a collection of DeviceInformation objects that describe device interfaces (rather than devices). Consequently, the value of DeviceInformation.Id for those objects is a device interface identifier (rather than a device identifier). There are overloads of DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync to which you can pass a DeviceInformationKind to control whether the returned DeviceInformation objects represent devices, device interfaces, or other kinds of information.

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