Geofence.Geoshape Property


The shape of the geofence region.

 property IGeoshape ^ Geoshape { IGeoshape ^ get(); };
IGeoshape Geoshape();
public IGeoshape Geoshape { get; }
var iGeoshape = geofence.geoshape;
Public ReadOnly Property Geoshape As IGeoshape

Property Value

The shape of the geofence region.

Windows requirements

App capabilities


This property is read-only. You must set the shape of a geofence when you initialize it using one of the constructors.

The type of this property, IGeoshape, is an interface to enable the possibility of supporting multiple shapes for geofences. The only shape that is currently supported is Geocircle, so this is the class you should use when initializing your geofences.

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