Geofence.StartTime Property


The time to start monitoring the Geofence.

 property DateTime StartTime { DateTime get(); };
DateTime StartTime();
public System.DateTimeOffset StartTime { get; }
var dateTime = geofence.startTime;
Public ReadOnly Property StartTime As DateTimeOffset

Property Value

DateTime DateTimeOffset

The time to start monitoring the geofence. The default value is 0, which is the beginning of time, epoch.

Windows requirements

App capabilities


A geofence is made active when the StartTime is in the past. If the device is within the geofence's area when it becomes active and the geofence is being monitored for the Entered state, then the geofence will trigger as soon as the DwellTime requirement has been met. However, if the device is outside of the geofence when it becomes active, the geofence does not instantly switch to the Exited state. The device must enter a geofence, remain inside for the specified DwellTime, and then exit in order to switch to the Exited state.

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