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Geolocator.ReportInterval Property


The requested minimum time interval between location updates, in milliseconds. If your application requires updates infrequently, set this value so that location services can conserve power by calculating location only when needed.

 property unsigned int ReportInterval { unsigned int get(); void set(unsigned int value); };
uint32_t ReportInterval();

void ReportInterval(uint32_t value);
public uint ReportInterval { get; set; }
var uInt32 = geolocator.reportInterval;
geolocator.reportInterval = uInt32;
Public Property ReportInterval As UInteger

Property Value


unsigned int


The requested minimum time interval between location updates.

Windows requirements

App capabilities
location ID_CAP_LOCATION [Windows Phone]


The default report interval is 1 second or as frequent as the hardware can support – whichever is shorter. Location updates can be set to a different frequency if you specify a MovementThreshold or set ReportInterval to a different value. If your app sets both MovementThreshold and ReportInterval, location will be updated according to MovementThreshold.

If another application has requested more frequent updates, by specifying a smaller value for ReportInterval, your application may receive updates at a higher frequency than requested.

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