Windows.Devices.Haptics Namespace

Provides support for basic, non-directional haptic feedback such as clicks, buzzes, and rumbles that can be tuned through characteristics such as intensity and timing.



Provides a set of well-known haptic waveform types (based on the Haptic Usage Page HID specification.


Provides access to a single haptic input device that can be used to enumerate the haptic waveforms supported by the associated input device and trigger a specific haptic response.


Provides access to the feedback behaviors supported by the haptic input device.


Provides access to a device that supports vibration notifications only.



Specifies the access rights to the vibration device.


The following fully functional samples demonstrate haptic features across various devices.

Pen haptics

See the Pen haptics sample for working examples of the following functionality:

RadialController haptics

See the RadialController for examples of how to use haptics with RadialController devices such as the Surface Dial.

Mixed reality controller haptics

See the Spatial interaction source sample for an example of how to use haptics with Six Degree of Freedom (6DOF) Controllers on Windows Mixed Reality Desktop.

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