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BarcodeScanner.GetSupportedProfiles Method


Gets the list of profiles supported by the barcode scanner.


This API applies only to Build 10240 and Build 10586 of the Windows Mobile device family (Windows Mobile Extensions for the UWP). This API doesn't apply to the Windows Desktop device family, nor to other device families, nor to builds of Windows Mobile other than 10240 and 10586. When called on an operating system (OS) to which it doesn't apply, the behavior of this API is undefined. For more info about device families, see Device family extension SDKs and API contracts.

 virtual IVectorView<Platform::String ^> ^ GetSupportedProfiles() = GetSupportedProfiles;
IVectorView<winrt::hstring> GetSupportedProfiles();
public IReadOnlyList<string> GetSupportedProfiles();
function getSupportedProfiles()
Public Function GetSupportedProfiles () As IReadOnlyList(Of String)






As array of strings representing the supported profiles. Returns an empty list if the scanner does not support profiles.


A barcode scanner can support a number of features in addition to scanning, such as focal length and scan duration. There can be as many as 100 features exposed through settings or properties. To simplify the scanner configuration, the concept of a profile is introduced, which wraps one or more settings defined by the manufacturer. An application developer can query for a list of supported profiles and set a profile.

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