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RacingWheel.FromGameController(IGameController) Method


Returns the given game controller as a racing wheel.

 static RacingWheel ^ FromGameController(IGameController ^ gameController);
 static RacingWheel FromGameController(IGameController const& gameController);
public static RacingWheel FromGameController(IGameController gameController);
function fromGameController(gameController)
Public Shared Function FromGameController (gameController As IGameController) As RacingWheel



The game controller to be returned as a racing wheel.


The racing wheel that was returned from the given game controller.

Windows requirements

Device family
Windows 10 Creators Update (introduced in 10.0.15063.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced in v4.0)


In the following example, the app gets the first available RawGameController object, and tries to access this game controller via the RacingWheel class.

#include <winrt/Windows.Gaming.Input.h>
using namespace winrt;
using namespace Windows::Gaming::Input;
RacingWheel racingWheel{ nullptr };

if (RawGameController::RawGameControllers().Size() > 0)
    RawGameController rawGameController{ RawGameController::RawGameControllers().GetAt(0) };
    racingWheel = RacingWheel::FromGameController(rawGameController);

if (racingWheel)
    // Assign a standard button mapping to this controller.
RacingWheel^ racingWheel;

if (RawGameController::RawGameControllers->Size > 0)
    RawGameController^ rawGameController = 

    racingWheel = RacingWheel::FromGameController(rawGameController);

if (racingWheel != nullptr)
    // Assign a standard button mapping to this controller.


This method checks if the provided game controller has a racing wheel implementation, and if so, it returns that implementation. You might use this method if you want to first get the controller as a RawGameController, and then see if it can be used as a RacingWheel—if so, you can use a default control scheme for racing wheels, otherwise you can let the player do their own input mapping.

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