AudioFrameInputNode.AddFrame(AudioFrame) Method


Adds an audio frame to the audio frame input node.

 virtual void AddFrame(AudioFrame ^ frame) = AddFrame;
void AddFrame(AudioFrame const& frame);
public void AddFrame(AudioFrame frame);
function addFrame(frame)
Public Sub AddFrame (frame As AudioFrame)



An AudioFrame object representing the frame.


The provided AudioFrame object must have an underlying AudioBuffer with a Length greater than 0 or an E_INVALIDARG error will result. Also, the underlying IMemoryBuffer containing the raw audio data must be block-aligned based on the bit depth per sample and number of channels. This means that the size of the buffer, in bytes, must be an integral multiple of (BitsPerSample / 8) * ChannelCount of the EncodingProperties property for the node. Attempting to add a frame with a non-aligned audio buffer will result in an E_INVALIDARG error.

A maximum of 64 frames can be queued in the AudioFrameInputNode at one time. Attempting to queue more than 64 frames will result in an error.

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