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CameraCaptureUI.PhotoSettings Property


Provides settings for capturing photos. The settings include aspect ratio, image size, format, resolution, and whether or not cropping is allowed by the user interface (UI).

 property CameraCaptureUIPhotoCaptureSettings ^ PhotoSettings { CameraCaptureUIPhotoCaptureSettings ^ get(); };
CameraCaptureUIPhotoCaptureSettings PhotoSettings();
public CameraCaptureUIPhotoCaptureSettings PhotoSettings { get; }
var cameraCaptureUIPhotoCaptureSettings = cameraCaptureUI.photoSettings;
Public ReadOnly Property PhotoSettings As CameraCaptureUIPhotoCaptureSettings

Property Value

An object containing settings for capturing photos.

Windows requirements

App capabilities
microphone webcam


For information on the available photo capture settings, see CameraCaptureUIPhotoCaptureSettings.

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