MiracastReceiverStreamControl.SuggestVideoStreamSettings Method


Suggests an appropriate width, height and bitrate to the Miracast Transmitter.

 virtual void SuggestVideoStreamSettings(MiracastReceiverVideoStreamSettings ^ settings) = SuggestVideoStreamSettings;
void SuggestVideoStreamSettings(MiracastReceiverVideoStreamSettings const& settings);
public void SuggestVideoStreamSettings(MiracastReceiverVideoStreamSettings settings);
function suggestVideoStreamSettings(settings)
Public Sub SuggestVideoStreamSettings (settings As MiracastReceiverVideoStreamSettings)



A MiracastReceiverVideoStreamSettings object representing the suggested settings.


An app can call this API when the MediaPlayerElement associated with the Miracast content changes. By default, Miracast tries to use a 1920x1080 resolution, or a 4k resolution if supported by the hardware. By asking the transmitter to use a lower resolution, it might be possible to reduce the network bandwidth used.

The settings passed into the method are suggestions that the transmitter may or may not adopt. To find out the actual values chosen by the receiver, call GetVideoStreamSettings.

This function accesses member variables without locking, so it should be invoked on the UI thread in a call to CoreDispatcher.RunAsync

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