MediaProtectionPMPServer(IPropertySet) Constructor


Initializes a new instance of the MediaProtectionPMPServer class with the specified properties.

 MediaProtectionPMPServer(IPropertySet ^ pProperties);
 MediaProtectionPMPServer(IPropertySet const& pProperties);
public MediaProtectionPMPServer(IPropertySet pProperties);
function MediaProtectionPMPServer(pProperties)
Public Sub New (pProperties As IPropertySet)



The set of properties used to initialize the server.


MediaProtectionPMPServer supports the following properties:

Property Description
"Windows.Media.Protection.MediaProtectionSystemId" A GUID representing the DRM system your app will use. This allows the system to determine if hardware DRM is supported on the device.
Windows.Media.Protection.UseSoftwareProtectionLayer Setting this to true tells the system to use software DRM even if hardware DRM is available on the current device.
Windows.Media.Protection.PMPStoreContext When implementing a Store Content Decryption Module (CDM) object, the Store CDM should look for and make a copy of the MF_CONTENTDECRYPTIONMODULE_PMPSTORECONTEXT property in IMFContentDecryptionModuleAccess::CreateContentDecryptionModule. If the Store CDM object wants to create a MediaProtectionPMPServer that will support CreateObjectByCLSID for objects defined in the Store CDM binary, they need pass this property.

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