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BackgroundTransferGroup.TransferBehavior Property


Gets or sets the property used to specify if transfers within this group run simultaneously or in serial. Possible values are defined by BackgroundTransferBehavior.

 property BackgroundTransferBehavior TransferBehavior { BackgroundTransferBehavior get(); void set(BackgroundTransferBehavior value); };
BackgroundTransferBehavior TransferBehavior();

void TransferBehavior(BackgroundTransferBehavior value);
public BackgroundTransferBehavior TransferBehavior { get; set; }
var backgroundTransferBehavior = backgroundTransferGroup.transferBehavior;
backgroundTransferGroup.transferBehavior = backgroundTransferBehavior;
Public Property TransferBehavior As BackgroundTransferBehavior

Property Value

The group transfer behavior.


When using Background Transfer during development, you may get into a situation where the internal caches of active and completed transfer operations can get out of sync. This may result in the inability to start new transfer operations or interact with existing operations and BackgroundTransferGroup objects. In some cases, attempting to interact with existing operations may trigger a crash. This result can occur if the TransferBehavior property is set to Parallel. This issue occurs only in certain scenarios during development and is not applicable to end users of your app. For more Information, see the Debugging Guidance section in BackgroundDownloader and BackgroundUploader.

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