NetworkInformation.GetLanIdentifiers Method



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This API will be affected by upcoming changes to operating system behavior, planned for fall 2024. For more info, see Changes to API behavior for Wi-Fi access and location.

Gets an array of LanIdentifier objects that contain locality information for each NetworkAdapter object that currently connected to a network.

 static IVectorView<LanIdentifier ^> ^ GetLanIdentifiers();
 static IVectorView<LanIdentifier> GetLanIdentifiers();
public static IReadOnlyList<LanIdentifier> GetLanIdentifiers();
function getLanIdentifiers()
Public Shared Function GetLanIdentifiers () As IReadOnlyList(Of LanIdentifier)


An array of LanIdentifier objects.


For examples of how to retrieve LanIdentifier objects and access the information they represent, see How to retrieve network adapter and locality information.

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