MobileBroadbandNetwork.RegistrationUiccApps Property


Gets a list of all UICC apps available on the SIM card that can be used for registration on a mobile network. This list includes UICC apps that are not currently used for registration, but could potentially could be used for registration.

 property IVectorView<MobileBroadbandUiccApp ^> ^ RegistrationUiccApps { IVectorView<MobileBroadbandUiccApp ^> ^ get(); };
IVectorView<MobileBroadbandUiccApp> RegistrationUiccApps();
public IReadOnlyList<MobileBroadbandUiccApp> RegistrationUiccApps { get; }
var iVectorView = mobileBroadbandNetwork.registrationUiccApps;
Public ReadOnly Property RegistrationUiccApps As IReadOnlyList(Of MobileBroadbandUiccApp)

Property Value



A list of objects that represent UICC applications.

Windows requirements

App capabilities
cellularDeviceControl cellularDeviceIdentity

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