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StreamSocketControl.QualityOfService Property


The quality of service on a StreamSocket object.

 property SocketQualityOfService QualityOfService { SocketQualityOfService get(); void set(SocketQualityOfService value); };
SocketQualityOfService QualityOfService();

void QualityOfService(SocketQualityOfService value);
public SocketQualityOfService QualityOfService { get; set; }
var socketQualityOfService = streamSocketControl.qualityOfService;
streamSocketControl.qualityOfService = socketQualityOfService;
Public Property QualityOfService As SocketQualityOfService

Property Value

The quality of service on a StreamSocket object.

Windows requirements

App capabilities


This property indicates the quality of service that StreamSocket object should provide. The default value is normal.

When the property is set to a value other than normal, the socket will follow a policy to provide the specified quality of service. When the property is set to lowLatency, the priority of the thread that handles read completions is increased. The lowLatency value would commonly be used for audio or similar apps that are timing sensitive. This property is not normally set for other apps.

This property may be set before the StreamSocket is connected. After the StreamSocket is connected, setting this property will result in an error.

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