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StreamSocketInformation.RoundTripTimeStatistics Property


Gets round trip time information for a StreamSocket object.

Note that the returned statistics are based on extended TCP statistics, which are enabled by default on Client versions of Windows, but disabled by default for performance reasons on Server versions of Windows. If extended TCP statistics are not available, all returned numerical statistics are set to 0, and boolean statistics are set to false.

 property RoundTripTimeStatistics RoundTripTimeStatistics { RoundTripTimeStatistics get(); };
RoundTripTimeStatistics RoundTripTimeStatistics();
public RoundTripTimeStatistics RoundTripTimeStatistics { get; }
var roundTripTimeStatistics = streamSocketInformation.roundTripTimeStatistics;
Public ReadOnly Property RoundTripTimeStatistics As RoundTripTimeStatistics

Property Value

Round trip time information for a StreamSocket object.

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