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SpatialSurfaceObserver.GetObservedSurfaces Method


Gets metadata for the set of surfaces observed within the bounding volume at the moment.

 virtual IMapView<Platform::Guid, SpatialSurfaceInfo ^> ^ GetObservedSurfaces() = GetObservedSurfaces;
IMapView<winrt::guid, SpatialSurfaceInfo const&> GetObservedSurfaces();
public IReadOnlyDictionary<Guid,SpatialSurfaceInfo> GetObservedSurfaces();
function getObservedSurfaces()
Public Function GetObservedSurfaces () As IReadOnlyDictionary(Of Guid, SpatialSurfaceInfo)


The observed surfaces within the bounding volume. If no bounding volume has been set, no surfaces will be returned.

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Each SpatialSurfaceInfo snapshot is immutable, so you can compare their values later to see if a given surface has recently experienced a mesh update.

Correlating the Id and UpdateTime properties across multiple observations lets you identify new mesh, updated mesh and removed mesh:

  • If you see a SpatialSurfaceInfo with an Id you haven't seen before, treat it as new mesh.
  • If you see a SpatialSurfaceInfo with a known Id, but with a new UpdateTime, treat it as updated mesh.
  • If you no longer see a SpatialSurfaceInfo with a known Id, treat it as removed mesh.

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