CredentialPickerOptions.CredentialSaveOption Property


Gets or sets the option on saving credentials.

 property CredentialSaveOption CredentialSaveOption { CredentialSaveOption get(); void set(CredentialSaveOption value); };
CredentialSaveOption CredentialSaveOption();

void CredentialSaveOption(CredentialSaveOption value);
public CredentialSaveOption CredentialSaveOption { get; set; }
var credentialSaveOption = credentialPickerOptions.credentialSaveOption;
credentialPickerOptions.credentialSaveOption = credentialSaveOption;
Public Property CredentialSaveOption As CredentialSaveOption

Property Value


The option specifies the initial state of the dialog's "Save Credential" check box. The default value is clear (unchecked). This property is ignored if the caller specifies Hidden in the CredentialSaveOption enumeration.

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