SymmetricAlgorithmNames.TripleDesCbcPkcs7 Property


Retrieves a string that contains "3DES_CBC_PKCS7".

 static property Platform::String ^ TripleDesCbcPkcs7 { Platform::String ^ get(); };
static winrt::hstring TripleDesCbcPkcs7();
public static string TripleDesCbcPkcs7 { get; }
var string = SymmetricAlgorithmNames.tripleDesCbcPkcs7;
Public Shared ReadOnly Property TripleDesCbcPkcs7 As String

Property Value


String that contains "3DES_CBC_PKCS7".


Use the string retrieved by this property to set the symmetric encryption algorithm name when you call the OpenAlgorithm method on a SymmetricKeyAlgorithmProvider object. The string represents the Triple Data Encryption Standard (TripleDES) algorithm coupled with a cipher-block chaining mode of operation and PKCS#7 padding.

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