FileProtectionInfo.Identity Property



Starting in July 2022, Microsoft is deprecating Windows Information Protection (WIP) and the APIs that support WIP. Microsoft will continue to support WIP on supported versions of Windows. New versions of Windows won't include new capabilities for WIP, and it won't be supported in future versions of Windows. For more information, see Announcing sunset of Windows Information Protection.

For your data protection needs, Microsoft recommends that you use Microsoft Purview Information Protection and Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention. Purview simplifies the configuration set-up and provides an advanced set of capabilities.

The enterprise identity of the enterprise protected file.

 property Platform::String ^ Identity { Platform::String ^ get(); };
winrt::hstring Identity();
public string Identity { get; }
var string = fileProtectionInfo.identity;
Public ReadOnly Property Identity As String

Property Value


The enterprise identity. This is an email address or domain that is managed. Your app should use IsIdentityManaged to confirm that an email address or domain is managed.

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