StoreAppLicense.AddOnLicenses Property


Gets the collection of licenses for durable add-ons for which the user has entitlements to use. This property does not include licenses for consumable add-ons.

 property IMapView<Platform::String ^, StoreLicense ^> ^ AddOnLicenses { IMapView<Platform::String ^, StoreLicense ^> ^ get(); };
IMapView<winrt::hstring, StoreLicense const&> AddOnLicenses();
public IReadOnlyDictionary<string,StoreLicense> AddOnLicenses { get; }
var iMapView = storeAppLicense.addOnLicenses;
Public ReadOnly Property AddOnLicenses As IReadOnlyDictionary(Of String, StoreLicense)

Property Value



A map of key and value pairs, where each key is the Store ID of an add-on SKU from the Microsoft Store catalog and each value is a StoreLicense object that contains license info for the add-on.


This collection contains durable add-on licenses that are currently valid. When a license is expired or no longer valid, it will no longer be available in this collection.

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