ApplicationData.LocalFolder Property


Gets the root folder in the local app data store. This folder is backed up to the cloud.

 property StorageFolder ^ LocalFolder { StorageFolder ^ get(); };
StorageFolder LocalFolder();
public StorageFolder LocalFolder { get; }
var storageFolder = applicationData.localFolder;
Public ReadOnly Property LocalFolder As StorageFolder

Property Value

The file system folder that contains the files.


You can access files in the local app data store using the "ms-appdata:///local/" protocol. For example:

<img src="ms-appdata:///local/myFile.png" alt="" />

To access files in the app package, use Windows.ApplicationModel.Package.Current.InstalledLocation.

To request that Windows index your app data for search, create a folder named "Indexed" under this folder and store the files that you want indexed there. Windows indexes the file content and metadata (properties) in this "Indexed" folder and all its subfolders.


Content in the indexed folder will not be surfaced in a system search, but can be searched by the app.

If the device that runs this app supports app data backup, any content placed on LocalFolder will be eligible to be backed up to the cloud. Therefore if you want to persist data and keep it local to the device you should consider using LocalCacheFolder.

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