MusicProperties.Rating Property


Gets or sets the rating associated with a music file.

 property unsigned int Rating { unsigned int get(); void set(unsigned int value); };
uint32_t Rating();

void Rating(uint32_t value);
public uint Rating { get; set; }
var uInt32 = musicProperties.rating;
musicProperties.rating = uInt32;
Public Property Rating As UInteger

Property Value


unsigned int


The media file rating, as a value between 0 and 99.


The rating property for this media file type is obtained from the Windows file properties, specifically from System.Rating. System.Rating has a value from 0 to 99. A value of 0 indicates that the file has not been rated.

Rating info is often presented to the user as a “star” metaphor, where a star rating can be from 0 to 5 stars. This is shown as the outline of 5 star shapes, with the current rating indicated by a horizontal color bar within the 5 star shapes. For more info, see Guidelines for the Rating control.

For HTML UI, the Rating control implements a star-rating behavior, but you’ll have convert a Rating property value into the star-count values that the Rating control uses for its properties.

For XAML UI there is no default rating control in the Windows Runtime XAML vocabulary. However, several third-party control vendors have created a XAML rating control.

Here’s some suggested logic for converting the 0-99 possible value of a Rating property to an integer value between 0 and 5 that is suitable for a 5-star UI presentation metaphor, and for the Rating control: uint starRating = rating == 0 ? 0 : (uint)Math.Round((double)rating / 25.0) + 1; .

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