IStorageItemProperties.FolderRelativeId Property


Gets an identifier for the current item. This ID is unique for the query result or StorageFolder that contains the item and can be used to distinguish between items that have the same name.

 property Platform::String ^ FolderRelativeId { Platform::String ^ get(); };
winrt::hstring FolderRelativeId();
public string FolderRelativeId { get; }
var string = iStorageItemProperties.folderRelativeId;
Public ReadOnly Property FolderRelativeId As String

Property Value


The identifier for the item within the query result or StorageFolder.


The current item could be a file, folder, or file group.

You create a query result object when you create a query using one of the methods on a StorageFolder object. Depending on the method you call, your query result object could be a StorageFileQueryResult, a StorageFolderQueryResult, or a StorageItemQueryResult object.

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