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FileOpenPicker.PickMultipleFilesAsync Method


Shows the file picker so that the user can pick multiple files. (UWP app)

 virtual IAsyncOperation<IVectorView<StorageFile ^> ^> ^ PickMultipleFilesAsync() = PickMultipleFilesAsync;
IAsyncOperation<IVectorView<StorageFile>> PickMultipleFilesAsync();
public IAsyncOperation<IReadOnlyList<StorageFile>> PickMultipleFilesAsync();
function pickMultipleFilesAsync()
Public Function PickMultipleFilesAsync () As IAsyncOperation(Of IReadOnlyList(Of StorageFile))


When the call to this method completes successfully, it returns a filePickerSelectedFilesArray object that contains all the files that were picked by the user. Picked files in this array are represented by storageFile objects.



On Windows 8, if you try to show the file picker while your app is snapped the file picker will not be shown and an exception will be thrown. You can avoid this by making sure your app is not snapped or by unsnapping it before you call the file picker. The code examples in FileOpenPicker and the File picker sample show you how.

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