FileSavePicker.SuggestedStartLocation Property


Gets or sets the location that the file save picker suggests to the user as the location to save a file.

 property PickerLocationId SuggestedStartLocation { PickerLocationId get(); void set(PickerLocationId value); };
PickerLocationId SuggestedStartLocation();

void SuggestedStartLocation(PickerLocationId value);
public PickerLocationId SuggestedStartLocation { get; set; }
var pickerLocationId = fileSavePicker.suggestedStartLocation;
fileSavePicker.suggestedStartLocation = pickerLocationId;
Public Property SuggestedStartLocation As PickerLocationId

Property Value


The initial suggested location for saving a file.


The SuggestedStartLocation is not always used as the start location for the file picker. To give the user a sense of consistency, the file picker remembers the last location that the user navigated to and will generally start at that location.

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