QueryOptions.FolderDepth Property


Indicates whether the search query should produce a shallow view of the folder contents or a deep recursive view of all files and subfolder.

 property FolderDepth FolderDepth { FolderDepth get(); void set(FolderDepth value); };
FolderDepth FolderDepth();

void FolderDepth(FolderDepth value);
public FolderDepth FolderDepth { get; set; }
var folderDepth = queryOptions.folderDepth;
queryOptions.folderDepth = folderDepth;
Public Property FolderDepth As FolderDepth

Property Value

A value that indicates how deeply to query the folder. The default value is FolderDepth.Shallow. Predefined queries typically override this property and change it to FolderDepth.Deep.

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