StorageFile.DateCreated Property


Gets the date and time when the current file was created.

 property DateTime DateCreated { DateTime get(); };
DateTime DateCreated();
public System.DateTimeOffset DateCreated { get; }
var dateTime = storageFile.dateCreated;
Public ReadOnly Property DateCreated As DateTimeOffset

Property Value

The date and time when the current file was created.



  • DateTime: If the date property isn't set, this value defaults to 0 which can be translated into misleading dates in different programming languages. Microsoft .NET languages do not use this type directly. In .NET it is projected as a System.DateTimeOffset. Each language transparently handles the conversion to the granularity and date ranges for the respective language.

  • DateTimeOffset: Because the .NET DateTimeOffset is a structure, a DateTimeOffset object that has been declared but not otherwise initialized contains the default values for each of its member fields. This means that its DateTime property is set to DateTimeOffset.MinValue and its Offset property is set to TimeSpan.Zero. In string format, the DateTimeOffset that a file was created might be "4/18/2020 3:13:50 PM".

You should always check that this property is a real value and is not set to the default value.

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