StorageFolder.CreateFolderQueryWithOptions(QueryOptions) Method


Gets a query result object that contains the subfolders in the current folder and, optionally, nested subfolders. The results are based on the specified QueryOptions.

 virtual StorageFolderQueryResult ^ CreateFolderQueryWithOptions(QueryOptions ^ queryOptions) = CreateFolderQueryWithOptions;
StorageFolderQueryResult CreateFolderQueryWithOptions(QueryOptions const& queryOptions);
public StorageFolderQueryResult CreateFolderQueryWithOptions(QueryOptions queryOptions);
function createFolderQueryWithOptions(queryOptions)
Public Function CreateFolderQueryWithOptions (queryOptions As QueryOptions) As StorageFolderQueryResult



The criteria that are applied to the query.


A query result object. Call the GetFoldersAsync method of the query result to get the subfolders in the current folder. If you provided a CommonFolderQuery value other than CommonFolderQuery.DefaultQuery when you instantiated the QueryOptions, the query result object contains a list of virtual folders that represent containers for groups of files in the subfolders of the current folder. (Files from the current folder are not included.) The files are grouped as specified by queryOptions. The list is of type IReadOnlyList<StorageFolder>. Each folder in the list is represented by a StorageFolder object.



You don't have permission to access the contents of the current folder.


For more information and examples on getting query result objects, see CreateFileQueryWithOptions.

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