ProcessMemoryUsageReport.PagedPoolSizeInBytes Property


Gets the amount of paged memory available to the process, in bytes.

 property unsigned long long PagedPoolSizeInBytes { unsigned long long get(); };
uint64_t PagedPoolSizeInBytes();
public ulong PagedPoolSizeInBytes { get; }
var uInt64 = processMemoryUsageReport.pagedPoolSizeInBytes;
Public ReadOnly Property PagedPoolSizeInBytes As ULong

Property Value



The amount of memory, in bytes, allocated by the associated process that can be written to the virtual memory paging file.


The value returned by this property represents the current size of memory in the virtual memory paging file used by the process. The operating system uses the virtual memory paging file in conjunction with physical memory to manage the virtual address space for each process. When pageable memory is not in use, it can be transferred to the virtual memory paging file on disk.

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