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GestureRecognizer.InertiaTranslationDisplacement Property


Gets or sets a value that indicates the relative change in the screen location of an object from the start of inertia to the end of inertia (when the translation manipulation is complete).

 property float InertiaTranslationDisplacement { float get(); void set(float value); };
float InertiaTranslationDisplacement();

void InertiaTranslationDisplacement(float value);
public float InertiaTranslationDisplacement { get; set; }
var single = gestureRecognizer.inertiaTranslationDisplacement;
gestureRecognizer.inertiaTranslationDisplacement = single;
Public Property InertiaTranslationDisplacement As Single

Property Value



The relative change in screen location, in device-independent pixel (DIP).

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