InkPresenter.UnprocessedInput Property


Gets input (standard or modified) from the associated InkCanvas control and passes the data through for custom processing by the app. The data is not processed by the InkPresenter.


Standard input is not modified with a secondary affordance, such as a pen barrel button, right mouse button, or similar.

Use InkInputProcessingConfiguration to indicate the input to be passed as InkUnprocessedInput through to your app for custom processing.

 property InkUnprocessedInput ^ UnprocessedInput { InkUnprocessedInput ^ get(); };
InkUnprocessedInput UnprocessedInput();
public InkUnprocessedInput UnprocessedInput { get; }
var inkUnprocessedInput = inkPresenter.unprocessedInput;
Public ReadOnly Property UnprocessedInput As InkUnprocessedInput

Property Value

The input from the InkCanvas control.

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