PointerPointProperties.IsLeftButtonPressed Property


Gets a value that indicates whether the pointer input was triggered by the primary action mode of an input device.

 property bool IsLeftButtonPressed { bool get(); };
bool IsLeftButtonPressed();
public bool IsLeftButtonPressed { get; }
var boolean = pointerPointProperties.isLeftButtonPressed;
Public ReadOnly Property IsLeftButtonPressed As Boolean

Property Value



True if the primary action mode; otherwise false.


Examples of primary action modes for various input devices:

  • A touch pointer when it is in contact with the digitizer surface.
  • A pen pointer when the pen tip is in contact with the digitizer surface and no modifying buttons, such as a barrel button (see IsBarrelButtonPressed), are pressed. An eraser tip does not set this property either (see IsEraser).
  • A mouse pointer when the left mouse button is pressed.

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