SystemFunctionLockIndicatorChangedEventArgs.IsIndicatorOn Property


Gets the state of the Fn hardware system button lock indicator for the SystemFunctionLockIndicatorChanged event.

 property bool IsIndicatorOn { bool get(); };
bool IsIndicatorOn();
public bool IsIndicatorOn { get; }
var boolean = systemFunctionLockIndicatorChangedEventArgs.isIndicatorOn;
Public ReadOnly Property IsIndicatorOn As Boolean

Property Value



True, if the indicator is on. Otherwise, false.


This API is intended for use by Accessibility tools as a low level hook for intercepting events from hardware system buttons.

SystemButtonEventController event registration applies system wide and is first-come, first-served. If an application or service sets a SystemButtonEventController event Handled property to true, applications or services that registered after that app or service for the same event notification will not receive the notification.

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