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SecondaryTileVisualElements.ForegroundText Property


Specifies whether the tile should use dark or light text.

This value is ignored on Windows Phone 8.1. The foreground text color of a secondary tile on the phone is always light.

 property ForegroundText ForegroundText { ForegroundText get(); void set(ForegroundText value); };
ForegroundText ForegroundText();

void ForegroundText(ForegroundText value);
public ForegroundText ForegroundText { get; set; }
var foregroundText = secondaryTileVisualElements.foregroundText;
secondaryTileVisualElements.foregroundText = foregroundText;
Public Property ForegroundText As ForegroundText

Property Value

One of the two values that specifies either the default dark or default light text.


If this property is not specified, it is inherited from the foreground text property of the parent app's tile.

Only two text colors are available— default dark and default light— and are set by Windows. Choose the text color that will look best with your choice of background color and the opacity of your logo image.

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