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Application.OnCachedFileUpdaterActivated Method


Invoked when the application is activated due to an activation contract with ActivationKind as CachedFileUpdater.

 virtual void OnCachedFileUpdaterActivated(CachedFileUpdaterActivatedEventArgs ^ args) = OnCachedFileUpdaterActivated;
void OnCachedFileUpdaterActivated(CachedFileUpdaterActivatedEventArgs const& args);
protected virtual void OnCachedFileUpdaterActivated(CachedFileUpdaterActivatedEventArgs args);
function onCachedFileUpdaterActivated(args)
Protected Overridable Sub OnCachedFileUpdaterActivated (args As CachedFileUpdaterActivatedEventArgs)



Event data for the event.


OnFileOpenPickerActivated is a pre-defined activation point handler that is invoked for a core Activated event when the ActivationKind is CachedFileUpdater. The default template app.xaml code-behind files always include an override for OnLaunched, but defining overrides for other activation points such as OnCachedFileUpdaterActivated is up to your app code.

All Application overrides involved in an activation scenario should call Window.Activate in their implementations.

For example code that overrides OnFileOpenPickerActivated, see File picker contracts sample.

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