Border.Padding Property


Gets or sets the distance between the border and its child object.

 property Thickness Padding { Thickness get(); void set(Thickness value); };
Thickness Padding();

void Padding(Thickness value);
public Thickness Padding { get; set; }
var thickness = border.padding;
border.padding = thickness;
Public Property Padding As Thickness
<Border Padding="uniform"/>
- or -
<Border Padding="left&right,top&bottom"/>
- or -
<Border Padding="left,top,right,bottom"/>

Property Value


The dimensions of the space between the border and its child as a Thickness value. Thickness is a structure that stores dimension values using pixel measures.


A related property is Margin (a property of FrameworkElement). For more info about the relationship between margin and padding, see Alignment, margin, and padding or Define layouts with XAML.

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