ComboBox.MaxDropDownHeight Property


Gets or sets the maximum height for a combo box drop-down.

 property double MaxDropDownHeight { double get(); void set(double value); };
double MaxDropDownHeight();

void MaxDropDownHeight(double value);
public double MaxDropDownHeight { get; set; }
var double = comboBox.maxDropDownHeight;
comboBox.maxDropDownHeight = double;
Public Property MaxDropDownHeight As Double
<ComboBox MaxDropDownHeight="double"/>

Property Value



The maximum height of the drop-down. The default is infinity.



In Windows 8, this property is ignored. If this property is set incorrectly (set to 0, for example) in an app that's compiled for Windows 8, the app might behave incorrectly or crash when it's run in Windows 8.1. You should set this property to a value of 76 or greater to make sure the scroll buttons show and behave correctly when the ComboBox is open.

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