ComboBox.PlaceholderText Property


Gets or sets the text that is displayed in the control until the value is changed by a user action or some other operation.

 property Platform::String ^ PlaceholderText { Platform::String ^ get(); void set(Platform::String ^ value); };
winrt::hstring PlaceholderText();

void PlaceholderText(winrt::hstring value);
public string PlaceholderText { get; set; }
var string = comboBox.placeholderText;
comboBox.placeholderText = string;
Public Property PlaceholderText As String
<ComboBox PlaceholderText="placeholderString"/>

Property Value




The text that is displayed in the control when no value is selected. The default is an empty string ("").


Here's how to add placeholder text to a ComboBox.

<ComboBox Header="Colors" PlaceholderText="Pick a color">


The placeholder text is shown when the SelectedIndex is -1 and the SelectedItem is null. (These two properties are kept in sync.) A user can't display the placeholder text once an item has been selected. However, you can programmatically set either the SelectedIndex to -1 or the SelectedItem to null to cause the placeholder text to be shown again.

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