CommandBar.PrimaryCommands Property


Gets the collection of primary command elements for the CommandBar.

 property IObservableVector<ICommandBarElement ^> ^ PrimaryCommands { IObservableVector<ICommandBarElement ^> ^ get(); };
IObservableVector<ICommandBarElement> PrimaryCommands();
public IObservableVector<ICommandBarElement> PrimaryCommands { get; }
var iObservableVector = commandBar.primaryCommands;
Public ReadOnly Property PrimaryCommands As IObservableVector(Of ICommandBarElement)

Property Value


The collection of primary command elements for the CommandBar. The default is an empty collection.


The PrimaryCommands collection can contain only AppBarButton, AppBarToggleButton, or AppBarSeparator command elements. The primary commands are shown on the right side of the CommandBar, to the left of the More button (...) when the FlowDirection is LeftToRight. The layout is reversed when the FlowDirection is RightToLeft.

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