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Control.OnPointerWheelChanged(PointerRoutedEventArgs) Method


Called before the PointerWheelChanged event occurs.

 virtual void OnPointerWheelChanged(PointerRoutedEventArgs ^ e) = OnPointerWheelChanged;
void OnPointerWheelChanged(PointerRoutedEventArgs const& e);
protected virtual void OnPointerWheelChanged(PointerRoutedEventArgs e);
function onPointerWheelChanged(e)
Protected Overridable Sub OnPointerWheelChanged (e As PointerRoutedEventArgs)



Event data for the event.


Windows 8 behavior

For Windows 8, track pad device gestures that were input-handled by a ScrollViewer control part were interpreted as mouse wheel input, and thus would fire a PointerWheelChanged event. Starting with Windows 8.1, ScrollViewer uses an underlying manipulation logic that interprets track pad gestures as actions that the ScrollViewer responds to, and thus the gesture is considered handled by the control and the PointerWheelChanged event is not fired anymore.

If you migrate your app code from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 you may want to account for this behavior change, because it results in PointerWheelChanged being fired in fewer cases. Also, the behavior that's now built-in to ScrollViewer may be duplicating what your handler would have done.

Apps that were compiled for Windows 8 but running on Windows 8.1 continue to use the Windows 8 behavior.

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