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Control.OnRightTapped(RightTappedRoutedEventArgs) Method


Called before the RightTapped event occurs.

 virtual void OnRightTapped(RightTappedRoutedEventArgs ^ e) = OnRightTapped;
void OnRightTapped(RightTappedRoutedEventArgs const& e);
protected virtual void OnRightTapped(RightTappedRoutedEventArgs e);
function onRightTapped(e)
Protected Overridable Sub OnRightTapped (e As RightTappedRoutedEventArgs)



Event data for the event.


This event is not implemented in a MapControl.

Windows 8 behavior

Windows 8 had an issue with the data for the RightTapped event, where the X and Y values for the point you'd get from RightTappedRoutedEventArgs.GetPosition were reversed (X was really Y; Y was really X). This issue has been fixed starting with Windows 8.1. But if you're retargeting a Windows 8 app for Windows 8.1, you might have had code that worked around this issue by swapping the X and Y back. If so, remove that code when you retarget because the issue is now fixed.

Apps that were compiled for Windows 8 but running on Windows 8.1 continue to use the Windows 8 behavior.

Also, Windows 8 didn't include default key handling for Shift+F10 that would fire this event and then display context menus. Shift+F10 is typically a secondary key combination for the VK_APP virtual key value (the Properties key), and thus Shift+F10 might be expected to fire RightTapped too. This issue has been fixed starting with Windows 8.1; Shift+F10 now fires RightTapped. You can see this change as default event handling on some controls that have default context menus for text, such as TextBox, or when invoking custom menus and flyouts.

Apps that were compiled for Windows 8 but running on Windows 8.1 do not use this Windows 8 behavior, they use the corrected Windows 8.1 behavior.

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