Frame.GetNavigationState Method


Serializes the Frame navigation history into a string.

 virtual Platform::String ^ GetNavigationState() = GetNavigationState;
winrt::hstring GetNavigationState();
public string GetNavigationState();
function getNavigationState()
Public Function GetNavigationState () As String



The string-form serialized navigation history. See Remarks.


This method is useful to restore the navigation state of your app after it has been suspended and resumed. When your app is suspended, call GetNavigationState and save the return value. When your app is resumed, call SetNavigationState and pass it the saved value.

Calling this method will call Page.OnNavigatedFrom for the current page using NavigationMode.Forward. GetNavigationState is usually called when the application is being suspended, so the current page is navigated away from.


The serialization format used by these methods is for internal use only. Your app should not form any dependencies on it. Additionally, this format supports serialization only for basic types like string, char, numeric and GUID types.

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