InkToolbarCustomPenButton.ConfigurationContent Property


Gets or sets the content of an optional ink stroke configuration flyout associated with the InkToolbarCustomPenButton.

 property UIElement ^ ConfigurationContent { UIElement ^ get(); void set(UIElement ^ value); };
UIElement ConfigurationContent();

void ConfigurationContent(UIElement value);
public UIElement ConfigurationContent { get; set; }
var uIElement = inkToolbarCustomPenButton.configurationContent;
inkToolbarCustomPenButton.configurationContent = uIElement;
Public Property ConfigurationContent As UIElement

Property Value


The contents of the flyout. The default is null.


Each feature on the InkToolbar can support supplementary functionality in a flyout (an "extension glyph" on the feature button indicates to the user that the functionality is available).

To access the functionality, the feature button must be selected already, and the user must select the button again.

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