ISemanticZoomInformation.SemanticZoomOwner Property


Gets or sets the SemanticZoom owner that hosts the implementing view.

 property SemanticZoom ^ SemanticZoomOwner { SemanticZoom ^ get(); void set(SemanticZoom ^ value); };
SemanticZoom SemanticZoomOwner();

void SemanticZoomOwner(SemanticZoom value);
public SemanticZoom SemanticZoomOwner { get; set; }
var semanticZoom = iSemanticZoomInformation.semanticZoomOwner;
iSemanticZoomInformation.semanticZoomOwner = semanticZoom;
Public Property SemanticZoomOwner As SemanticZoom

Property Value

The SemanticZoom that hosts this view.

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