ItemsPresenter.HeaderTemplate Property


Gets or sets the DataTemplate used to display the content of the items header.

DataTemplate HeaderTemplate();

void HeaderTemplate(DataTemplate value);
public DataTemplate HeaderTemplate { get; set; }
var dataTemplate = itemsPresenter.headerTemplate;
itemsPresenter.headerTemplate = dataTemplate;
Public Property HeaderTemplate As DataTemplate
- or -
<ItemsPresenter HeaderTemplate="resourceReferenceToDataTemplate"/>

Property Value

The template that specifies the visualization of the header object. The default is null.


Windows 8.1 Header alignment is handled differently in apps compiled for Windows 8 than in apps compiled for Windows 8.1.+ In an app compiled for Windows 8, the header is always left-aligned when the orientation of the items is Horizontal, or top-aligned when the orientation is Vertical. VerticalAlignment and HorizontalAlignment values that you set are ignored.

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