MapIcon.NormalizedAnchorPoint Property


Gets or sets the anchor point of the MapIcon. The anchor point is the point on the MapIcon that is positioned at the point on the MapControl specified by the Location property.

 property Point NormalizedAnchorPoint { Point get(); void set(Point value); };
Point NormalizedAnchorPoint();

void NormalizedAnchorPoint(Point value);
public Point NormalizedAnchorPoint { get; set; }
var point = mapIcon.normalizedAnchorPoint;
mapIcon.normalizedAnchorPoint = point;
Public Property NormalizedAnchorPoint As Point

Property Value


The anchor point of the MapIcon.


When you display a MapIcon image that points to a specific location on the map - for example, a pushpin or an arrow - consider setting the value of the NormalizedAnchorPoint property to the approximate location of the pointer on the image. If you leave the value of NormalizedAnchorPoint at its default value of (0, 0), which represents the upper left corner of the image, changes in the ZoomLevel of the map may leave the image pointing to a different location.

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