ListViewItemPresenter.PlaceholderBackground Property


Gets or sets the brush used to render the placeholder background for an item.

 property Brush ^ PlaceholderBackground { Brush ^ get(); void set(Brush ^ value); };
Brush PlaceholderBackground();

void PlaceholderBackground(Brush value);
public Brush PlaceholderBackground { get; set; }
var brush = listViewItemPresenter.placeholderBackground;
listViewItemPresenter.placeholderBackground = brush;
Public Property PlaceholderBackground As Brush
<ListViewItemPresenter PlaceholderBackground="themeResourceReference"/>

Property Value


The brush used to render the placeholder background for an item.


Notes on XAML syntax

The XAML usage shown is for referencing a theme resource. This is how Brush values for a presenter are typically defined, so that the values can be changed when the theme changes, and potentially so that Brush values can be shared by different templates. It's possible but less common to use a XAML syntax that refers to a Brush value directly. For examples of direct XAML usages for a Brush, see the XAML section in the Brush class topic.

If you're setting this property as an attribute on a custom ListViewItemPresenter , substitute the prefixed name of your custom class in the XAML usage shown.

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