ScrollViewer.ZoomMode Property


Gets or sets a value that indicates whether zoom behavior in the ScrollViewer content is enabled.

 property ZoomMode ZoomMode { ZoomMode get(); void set(ZoomMode value); };
ZoomMode ZoomMode();

void ZoomMode(ZoomMode value);
public ZoomMode ZoomMode { get; set; }
var zoomMode = scrollViewer.zoomMode;
scrollViewer.zoomMode = zoomMode;
Public Property ZoomMode As ZoomMode
<ScrollViewer ZoomMode="zoomModeMemberName" />
<object ScrollViewer.ZoomMode="zoomModeMemberName"/>

Property Value


A value of the enumeration.


No default value is listed for this property. Controls that incorporate a ScrollViewer in compositing often set a value for ZoomMode in the default template and starting visual states, and it is this templated value that you will typically start with. Controls with a ScrollViewer as part of their composition typically use template binding such that setting the attached property at the level of the control will change the scroll behavior of the ScrollViewer part within the control. Otherwise, it may be necessary to replace the template in order to change the scroll behavior of a ScrollViewer part.

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